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Books Over Blogs

February 27, 2009

I’m not getting much time to blog these days. There are a few reasons:

  1. Nicki and I are planning on moving house in the summer.
  2. We are trying to  finish well our time of ministry at one church.
  3. We are beginning to shift our focus to another field of ministry.

When I do carve out some spare time, I’m unashamedly choosing reading over blogging. As it happens, the three books that I’m ploughing through at the moment probably add up to the most outstanding ‘set’ I’ve read together at one time. I would recommend all of them:

The Courage to Be Protestant by David Wells (read review)


Lloyd Jones: Messenger of Grace by Iain Murray (read review)


Finally Alive by John Piper (read review)



Prepare Self, Before Sermon

February 24, 2009


“No book on a minister’s philosophy of preaching is complete without pausing to look at the preacher himself….The preacher must be a man who is characterised by spirituality in an unusual degree..The preacher’s first, and most important task is to prepare himself, not his sermon.”

(Martyn Lloyd Jones, quoted in Tony Sargent, The Sacred Anointing, p90)


Expositors Conference Edinburgh

February 23, 2009

The 2009 EXPOSITORS’ CONFERENCE will be held at the Faith Mission Bible College in Edinburgh from August 25-27th 2009.

We are delighted to have as our two keynote speakers Dr Steven Lawson who is Senior Pastor of Christ Fellowship Baptist Church in Mobile, Alabama, and President of New Reformation Ministries and Rev Peter Grainger, Senior Minister at Charlotte Chapel, Edinburgh.

As well as plenary sessions each morning there will be seminar type meetings each afternoon and a public meeting each evening when Dr Lawson will open up God’s Word.

Other speakers confirmed are Rev Iain Murray of Banner of Truth, Dr Ian Shaw of Langham International and Rev Craig Dyer of Christianity Explored.

A limited amount of residential facilities will be available at the College for those who want it and we hope this will contribute to the benefit of the Conference.

As more details of speakers, programme and costs etc become confirmed we will post them here so make sure to subscribe or bookmark this page and keep an eye on progress.

We are now taking bookings and forms can be downloaded here.

For the Expositor’s Conference Website.


Non-Conversational Preaching

February 21, 2009

David Wells, in his barn-burning book The Courage to be Protestant:

“Preaching is not a conversation about some interesting ideas. It is not the moment in which postmoderns hear their own private message in the biblical words, one unique to each one who hears, and then go their own way. No! This is God speaking! He speaks through the stammering lips of the preacher where that preacher’s mind is on the text of Scripture and his heart is in the presence of God. God, as Luther puts it, lives in the preacher’s mouth.

This is the kind of preaching that issues a summons, which nourishes the soul, which draws the congregation into the very presence of God so that no matter what aspect of his character, his truth, his working in this world is in focus, we leave with awe, gratitude, encouragement, and sometimes a rebuke. We have been in the very presence of God! This is what great preaching always does.”

(David Wells; The Courage to be Protestant; p 230)


A Little Friday Fun

February 20, 2009

Discover the extent of Alistair Begg’s Beatles knowledge, as well as the nature of his true accent.


Charges To A Young Minister

February 18, 2009

lucas-and-sydserffRobin Sydserff took up his charge at  St Catherine’s Argyle Church of Scotland on January 23rd 2009. Although a sizable loss to the Proclamation Trust in London, I’m sure, this spells ‘great gospel news’ for the city of Edinburgh.

Since I will soon be taking up a solo charge myself, I  was especially intrigued to listen to the preaching of Dick Lucas on the occasion of Robin’s induction weekend.

The exposition of 2 Timothy 2:1-7 (Charges to A Young Minister) is vintage Lucas. Clear in its biblical explanation. Cutting in its  incisive  application. Lucas covers both what  Christian ministry is, and what resources its requires.

I’ve added the link to Robin’s regular sermons on UW’s links.


What is Bad Expositional Preaching?

February 17, 2009