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Preaching On The Family

November 29, 2010

Yesterday morning I concluded a 9 part sermon-series on “God, Marriage and Family.” Here are the sermons if you want to listen:

1. The God-centred Family – Genesis 2:18-22
2. Marriage… in the Beginning – Genesis 2:18-24
3. Family and the Fall – Genesis 3
4. Wives – Ephesians 5:21-24
5. Husbands – Ephesians 5:25-33
6. Marriage and Singleness – 1 Corinthians 7:1-7
7. Singleness – 1 Corinthians 7:25-40
8. Children – Ephesians 6:1-3
9. Parents – Ephesians 6:4

I’ve also drawn up a list of some additional resources for those who want to examine topics further:





Passionate Preaching.

November 27, 2010

Matthew R. Perry on what he learned one Sunday when he forgot his notes.


Bad Expository Preaching

November 26, 2010

According to 9 Marks, bad expository preaching involves the following:

  1. Do no application.
  2. Use no illustrations or stories.
  3. Give excessive exegetical detail.
  4. Fail to set the text in its canonical horizon.
  5. Fail to connect the text to the gospel.
  6. Fail to preach the text with appropriate urgency and weight.

Read the full explanation of each point.


NIMA 2010 Audio

November 19, 2010

So I glad I invested two days this week to go to NIMA 2010. The speakers were Bryan Chapell (on Christ-centred application) and Vaughan Roberts (on Titus). I’m planning to listen to these talks again!

Session 1: Titus (1): The Preacher in God’s Plan, Vaughan Roberts

Session 2: Preaching the Power of Grace: The Power of Grace, Bryan Chapell

Session 3: Preaching the Power of Grace: The Power of Grace & The Application of Grace, Bryan Chapell

Session 4: Titus (2): The Preacher and Godliness, Vaughan Roberts

Session 5: Titus (3): The Preacher and the Gospel, Vaughan Roberts

Session 6: Preaching the Power of Grace: Exploring New Application Structures, Bryan Chapell

Session 7: Titus (4): The Preacher and False Teaching, Vaughan Roberts


Why Bother With Expository Preaching? (David Jackman)

November 19, 2010

A 15 minute introduction to expository preaching by David Jackman.

HT: Adrian Reynolds


Counseling and Preaching

November 19, 2010

Ed Welch explains how counseling and preaching connect. His conclusion:

Counseling will make your preaching more persuasive because your experience with the back-and-forth will show you how Scripture impacts people and this will help your sermons to do so too. You will appeal, invite, induce, anticipate roadblocks, tell stories, be more succinct, and scratch your head as you search for the most beautiful words to describe a beautiful gospel. You will find yourself preaching in a way that echoes the book of Proverbs. That book is more counseling than preaching. The king is speaking to beloved royal children. Notice that he speaks both personally and persuasively throughout.


Must Our Preaching Change? (David Jackman)

November 18, 2010