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Further updates & New Preaching Sites

December 31, 2007

This holiday I’ve further updated two other sections – Sermon Preparation and Topics. Its been nice to work a little on some sections which I don’t usually have much time to update.


In total, my Workman’s Info includes:

About the Workman
Recommended Audio
Recommended Books
Sermon Preparation

I’m also excited to direct you to two other preaching websites: Expositionalogistix and Encouraging Expository Excellence (formerly A Steward of the Secret Things)


Maintenance Update – Recommended Books

December 29, 2007

What books for the pastors library? Though hardly a comprehensive list, I’ve updated my string of recommendations. There are twenty two books pertaining to preaching, another thirty two on other topics.



Maintenance Update – Audio

December 28, 2007

Another area of Unashamed Workman I’ve done further work on is the recommended audio section. This audio is particularly on the subject of ‘preaching’ (the why, what, how etc) and not so much preaching itself. You’ll find this in the sidebar of the blog near the top.


If you have any further audio recommendations – either individual talks or whole conferences – do let me know.


Tim Keller Interview

December 27, 2007

Tim Keller was interviewed by Preaching Today recently, and I gladly point you to the brief but very insightful article. Last year we also had the joy of asking pastor Keller ten questions. A couple of phrases that stuck out in his recent interview:


” I pastor a large church and have a large staff, so I give special prominence to preparing the sermon. I give it 15–18 hours a week. I would not advise younger ministers to spend that much time on sermon preparation, however. The main way to become a good preacher is to preach a lot and to spend tons of time in people work. That’s how you become something more than a Bible commentator; you become a flesh–and–blood preacher.”

In a similar vein: “To some degree, pastoral care and leadership are sermon preparation! They prepare the preacher and not just the sermon.”

Read the whole article here.


Maintenance Update – Commentaries

December 27, 2007

I’ve added a new section to the sidebar on recommended commentaries. Just in time for your sales shopping!



Christmas Maintenance & A Bit of Fun

December 21, 2007

Well folks, Unashamed Workman is closing down for some rest and site maintenance over Christmas. Workman’s Toobox will be semi-regularly updated but there won’t be any posting until sometime early January. In the meantime, you can enjoy this bit of Christmas fun that puts myself and members of our pastoral team in a different light.

(Edinburgh Christmas Market 2006 – Photo by Steph Gary Evie and Jack, Creative Commons License)


Not Ashamed?

December 21, 2007

Fellow Scottish preachers (sorry everyone else!!) clear out your diaries for the month of March and pen in the following date: Friday 7th of March.


The speaker for the day will be Liam Goligher, of Duke Street Church, Richmond Surrey, who exercises an international preaching ministry, and is a regular speaker at events such as the Keswick Convention. Liam will bring teaching based on 2 Timothy, aimed to encourage, and challenge those in regular preaching ministry.

Dr Ian Shaw, Lecturer in Church History at ICC, will also draw lessons for preachers today from the life of John Bunyan.

The full blurb for the Not Ashamed! event can be found here. Non-preachers should also consider the evening session (open to all) at Harper Memorial Church, with Liam Golligher speaking on “To Preach or Not to Preach?”