The Campus and a Christian Worldview

December 17, 2007

As one who spends part of his time working with University students here in the UK, I am excited about a new series of papers being made available over at the Gospel Coalition website.

(Photo by Patrick Q, Creative Commons License)

The Christ on Campus Initiative (with lead editor Don Carson) “commissions top evangelical scholars to oversee the creation and distribution of a variety of resources for university students. The goal of these resources is that they be intellectually rigorous, culturally relevant, persuasive in argument and faithful to historic, evangelical Christianity.”

The first such paper is now available for download:
“Do Christians Have A Worldview?”
by Graham Cole

One comment

  1. I agree with you that it’s great that such people are putting together such resources for use among students. I guess in most of our intellectually rigorous middle class churches such resources will also prove to be a huge boon. But I am increasingly struck by my struggle in ministry to reach the non-middle class, to reach those families whose children my son goes to school with in a poor area with low literacy rates, high unemployment, and low incomes.
    I’d love to see resources published to help us reach such people but as yet know of very few if any.

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