Tim Keller Interview

December 27, 2007

Tim Keller was interviewed by Preaching Today recently, and I gladly point you to the brief but very insightful article. Last year we also had the joy of asking pastor Keller ten questions. A couple of phrases that stuck out in his recent interview:


” I pastor a large church and have a large staff, so I give special prominence to preparing the sermon. I give it 15–18 hours a week. I would not advise younger ministers to spend that much time on sermon preparation, however. The main way to become a good preacher is to preach a lot and to spend tons of time in people work. That’s how you become something more than a Bible commentator; you become a flesh–and–blood preacher.”

In a similar vein: “To some degree, pastoral care and leadership are sermon preparation! They prepare the preacher and not just the sermon.”

Read the whole article here.


One comment

  1. great to be here … am a listener of Tim Keller preaching the word as well!

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