Not Ashamed?

December 21, 2007

Fellow Scottish preachers (sorry everyone else!!) clear out your diaries for the month of March and pen in the following date: Friday 7th of March.


The speaker for the day will be Liam Goligher, of Duke Street Church, Richmond Surrey, who exercises an international preaching ministry, and is a regular speaker at events such as the Keswick Convention. Liam will bring teaching based on 2 Timothy, aimed to encourage, and challenge those in regular preaching ministry.

Dr Ian Shaw, Lecturer in Church History at ICC, will also draw lessons for preachers today from the life of John Bunyan.

The full blurb for the Not Ashamed! event can be found here. Non-preachers should also consider the evening session (open to all) at Harper Memorial Church, with Liam Golligher speaking on “To Preach or Not to Preach?”


One comment

  1. Liam is great! He has spoken in Colorado at the Music and Evangelism Conference which is held every June. You will truly be blessed!

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