Must Our Preaching Change? (David Jackman)

November 18, 2010


  1. It would be interesting to know how David suggests dividing up the sermon (he’s always worth hearing from). For what it’s worth the approach that I have been encouraged to adopt (and found highly beneficial) is to insert commercial breaks into the sermon. These are basically dynamic illustrations which change the point of attention, cause people to wake up, allow people to freshen up and engage them slightly differently while not diminishing the flow of the message. My Saturday prep is generally making sure these are littered regularly through my sermon (marked in red on my manuscript so that I can pick them up easily). It also allows me to move straight bakc into the text with a ‘now look what it says here…’transition. I also think it has helped to make exposition fun for our church family which would be another change that we may do well to consider in how we preach.

  2. IF our preaching is boring, then maybe we need to break it up into sections to prevent boring our poor congregations to death. Maybe the answer is not to preach boring sermons? A bigger question I think is how do we recover Holy Spirit inspired passion in preaching. Preaching is not simply a case of accurately explaining the text. There needs to be both logic and fire. When a preacher is on fire, no-one asks for 10 minute sections – in fact no-one wants him to stop.

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