Charges To A Young Minister

February 18, 2009

lucas-and-sydserffRobin Sydserff took up his charge at  St Catherine’s Argyle Church of Scotland on January 23rd 2009. Although a sizable loss to the Proclamation Trust in London, I’m sure, this spells ‘great gospel news’ for the city of Edinburgh.

Since I will soon be taking up a solo charge myself, I  was especially intrigued to listen to the preaching of Dick Lucas on the occasion of Robin’s induction weekend.

The exposition of 2 Timothy 2:1-7 (Charges to A Young Minister) is vintage Lucas. Clear in its biblical explanation. Cutting in its  incisive  application. Lucas covers both what  Christian ministry is, and what resources its requires.

I’ve added the link to Robin’s regular sermons on UW’s links.

One comment

  1. Wonderful to hear Dick again. He was a regular speaker at the preaching conferences here in the States sponsored by College Church in Wheaton (Illinois) until Kent Hughe’s retirement. He’s looking (and, of course, sounding) great!

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