Northern Ireland Calling

February 11, 2009

Well, the news is now out in the open. I have accepted the call to become pastor of Ballymoney Baptist Church, Northern Ireland.


For a bit of background to the church, this article chronicles the farewell of the previous (and founding) pastor Steven Curry, and actually gives a fair bit of detail about the church’s history. In the article, one of my soon-to-be fellow-elders is quoted to say:

“That respect and reverence for God’s Word, combined with rigour and diligence in preparation has been an anchor throughout his [Steven’s] ministry in Ballymoney, and I have no doubt will continue to prove a mainstay in the future as well.”

Pray that I will be faithful to, and worthy of, this legacy!




  1. Colin
    We have just heard of the wonderful news that you and Nicki have accepted the call to Ballymoney. We praise God for his clear guidance and look forward to your ministry here. We know God will bless you and your family in this church as He has greatly blessed us.
    looking forward to having you all with us
    with love H & J

  2. Wishing you God’s best as you take this major step in your life. 🙂

  3. Colin,

    Are you going blog about your adventures in getting there? How do you plan on moving all your stuff from Edinburgh to Ballymoney? Is there a ferry or do you have to sell all your stuff?

    When do you plan on starting to preach there? Will you update their sermon page, all they have is a few sermons from 2006?

    Bryan, TX

  4. Congratulations Colin. I am sure there was a lot of prayer put into this decision, both on your part and the church. I am confident you are God’s man for this moment in the life of this church. I look forward to hearing about your ministry.

    My family may be moving to the southern part of Ireland to work as missionaries, assisting one of the churches. Maybe we will get a chance to travel north and visit your church.

    God Bless!

    Colorado Springs, CO

  5. It’s an area I know well – my in-laws and their very large wider-family are all around there. I trust your ministry there will be very fruitful.

    But will “unashamedworkman” continue as a blog?

  6. Now that you are moving to Norn Ireland as the locals call it, make sure you make a trip to John Gowan’s bookroom down in Co. Fermanagh – thousands of second hand christian books. Second best is The Evangelical bookshop in Belfast (Gt Victoria Street).
    Oh and all the best with your ministry as well !!!

  7. As you leave us in Edinburgh, you know of our sadness. We have gained so much from your preaching, fellowship and friendship. However, you also know that our sadness is balanced with the knowledge that Ballymoney is the place for you to be. May the Lord bless our brothers and sisters in BBC as much as we have been blessed in CBC.

    On a lighter note, I can’t wait to hear the children speak with what is the accent of heaven!

  8. Hi Colin,

    I study at Oak Hill college with Andy Prime but my Dad is the minister of Drumreagh Presbyterian Church just on the other side of Ballymoney from the Baptist Church. We have seen a lot of openness to the gospel in the last 5 years and many people coming to Christ. I pray that God will bless your ministry there also.

  9. As a native of N.I, but now in PEI Canada, I’m stoked that you have decided to go and pastor in ‘Cow Town.’ My folks live just up the road in Bushmills (Giant’s Causeway). The north coast is VERY beautiful. When we’re next home we’ll come down to listen to you! Blessings on you, bro!

    Richard Agnew

  10. Colin, all the best with the move. I hope your family will settle in quickly. Part of my family live in Bushmills just up the road from Ballymoney. They sound almost Scottish anyway so hopefully you will be able to understand them and they you.

    I hope that you will continue to blog and run preaching workshops etc.

    Phil. Belfast.

  11. All the best and every blessing!!

    Hope you continue feeding on the unashamedworkman

    xv (Barcelona)

  12. Some of you have been asking questions about how our move came about, and any potential impact on the blog. I’m hoping to write a post about the process of deciding to move in the next few days.

  13. Hi Colin

    Great to hear you’re coming to NI! Though hopefully you’ll keep your blog updated with all the Reformed craic from Scotland as I pride myself on knowing everything important that happens in NI, but I wouldn’t have a clue about Scotland without your blog!

    Stephen Steele (Londonderry)

  14. Hey, great news Colin and Nikki.

    Can I be the first to lower the tone by saying that ‘Father Ted’ is now essential background study?

    Oh well, it looks like I just did.

  15. Colin,

    I have followed your blog for some time and have always been edified amd encouraged by your posts. May the Lord bless you and your family as you follow the Lord’s leadership to Ballymoney Baptist Church.

  16. The Lord bless you and the church in Ballymoney. I minister a few miles south, and know a few folks in the church there.


  17. Colin, I’ve been a long time reader, first time commenter. May the Lord bless you as you come over to this side of the Irish Sea and labour for Him in North Antrim.

    Hope the blog continues as well.

    Gary, Dundonald (Belfast)

  18. Colin,

    Just wanted to wish you God’s blessing on your calling to the Pastorate in N. Ireland. Looks like you are currently on the same track as one Alistair Begg: Same position as you are currently in at Charlotte Chapel, then pastored a while at Hamilton Baptist before coming across the pond to Parkside church.

    If you ever grow Ballymoney Baptist Church into a 20,000 member mega-church and feel the need to move on, you’re more than welcome to come explore Portland, Oregon as your next pastorate. 😉 Love to have you also come across the pond!

    Also, please keep up the Unashamed Workman…we in the blogosphere appreciate your content.

    Blessings to you and your family Colin!

  19. Hi bro good news about ballymoney. We found out from graeme on a visit. I guess we now have an excuse to stay longer in northern ireland next time we visit the green isle. It wont just be judes friends to visit. Anyway may god bless you all on this venture you are undertaking. Love you guys brian.

  20. Hi to you both,
    Sorry we did not make contact at the wedding on Saturday. We thought you would be at the reception in the evening but by the time we arrived you had gone! A wonderful day!
    We want to offer you our congratulations on your move to Northern Ireland.
    God bless you all in this next step in your ministry.
    Keep in touch,
    Muriel & Jim

  21. Nikki – hello ! have a wonderful life in Northern Ireland and we wish you much happiness there.SO long since we met, you were a bairn the last time we saw you!

  22. Colin, I had a dream last week that my family was visiting your church in N. Ireland and you asked me to preach then we went out for lunch afterward. (No, I am not fishing for an invitation!). Ireland has been on our minds quite a bit and I read your blog a couple of times a week, so my subconscious must have put those things together!

    Mark Webb
    Colorado Springs, CO

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