Counselling Advice For A Cold Day

February 9, 2009

Contrary to popular myths about Scotland’s winter weather, it rarely snows here (the climate is dreary but temperate). Hence the picture snaps! In between, some wise counseling advice from Jay Adams, whose blog I would highly commend to your blog-readers.


When Counselling Don’t

  1. Counsel women alone
  2. Counsel drunks; wait till they sober up
  3. Counsel someone being counseled by another
  4. Counsel without access to a phone, desk, writing materials, etc.
  5. Counsel people who set down conditions
  6. Counsel when a person refuses to do his homework
  7. Counsel by telephone
  8. Counsel by separating spouses from one another
  9. Counsel people so drugged that they can’t reason
  10. Counsel young children; counsel their parents
  11. Counsel unbelievers; evangelize them
  12. Counsel a Christian who will not accept Scripture as a Standard

See the remainder of Adams’ list here.




One comment

  1. I personally enjoyed his 25th “don’t”:
    Counsel people to return to liberal churches

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