Storing Illustrations

February 10, 2009

So the way I do it is to store my illustrations electronically on Word files, within categories and then alphabetically. You?



  1. One of the great advantages of “web 2.0” is the ability to store things with more than one reference point. I’ve begun using a tumblr blog to store possible illustrations…the benefit is that I can “tag” each illustration with as many tags as I can think of. This will, hopefully, make them much more easy to find in the future.

  2. I do all of the above. But, I also: (1)Store them in a paper file relevant to that text (2) Put them in a Libronix note with the text in my Bible software. (3) Put them in a sermon file I know I will be preaching in the coming months.

  3. I file illustrations electronically on MS OneNote. Among my notebooks (others include exegetical notes by verse, miscellaneous talks), I have a notebook for sermon illustrations. Each section of the notebook contains a different category (news/in real life; humour; special events; literature; historical; etc) with each page holding a single illustration. On the page, as well as the illustration, I file information like possible verses, topics. The beauty of OneNote is that everything (including text in images) is searchable from a single place which make them easier to find and you can store most types of multimedia (pics, videos) there as well.

  4. I store mine electronically and have made them available, along with the illustrations of several others, at http://www.passionforpreaching.net

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