Training Preachers?

June 22, 2010

I agree with Peter Mead. Seminaries for pastors in training should not think of homiletics as a fringe subject.  In a sense all subjects converge in homiletics.” 

Whether teaching biblical languages, exegetical skills, doctrine, or church history, seminaries are there to equip men to preach. Right?



  1. If only…..

  2. Conrad Mbewe has just written about this on his blog. He says he went to seminary, yes, he has masters degrees, yes, but he learned to preach… by listening to other men preach. He quotes something Don Carson said about wanting good preachers to be placed in churches near seminaries so that men are shaped by hearing good preaching.

  3. When I first started in the ministry, someone told me that you really wouldn’t start to preach well until you had preached 1000 times. I took that to heart and started looking for ways to preach. I went to the local jails and prisons and nursing homes in my area (there are always groups of people who will listen there) tow or three times a week and I got to preach multiple times while I was in there. In a two year stretch I got to preach close to 2000 times. I still wasn’t all that good but it helped.

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