“Origins” Overview

June 21, 2010

I preached my first ever overview sermon yesterday. It was on Genesis. We looked at

  • the origins of life
  • the origins of sin
  • the origins of salvation

It was particularly encouraging to think about ways in which Christ is promised and foreshadowed in Genesis.


  1. Only 65 more to go… Have you got it in mind to do the lot?

  2. Maybe eventually. We are doing Exodus and Leviticus in the next few weeks. We’ll probably do 3- 5 each year, and I suppose we’ll get through the whole bible in the end!

  3. That’s great Colin. It’s good at times to think creatively about passages when expounding God’s word. I believe it was Bryson Smith from Australia who said we need both Expository and Topical approaches in preaching. Like the contrast between seeing animals on a Safari or in a Zoo. In one you see them in their natural place in the world, in the other you see them in categories together with other animals from their type. If we only ever use expository we may fail to see the broad brush stokes of God’s revealed mind; While if we dwell too heavily on the topical approach we run the risk of never appreciation the passage in its full context. I try to plan for at least one 4-5 week topical series each year.

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