The Most Important Theological Truth For Preachers On A Monday Morning

September 29, 2008

Justification by faith alone


  1. How about “God loves you” ?

  2. The one seeking justification is usually not satisfied with just the word “love” 🙂 If he would, that would include faith in the power of love of the One who loves. So, justification is by faith.

  3. Hi Rich,

    God loves you is something I need to hear too – no doubt about it. Indeed God’s loving us and justifying us are surely a brother and sister in theological terms.

    But on its own, God’s love doesn’t deal with the condemnation I *feel* when I fail (or the condemnation I *actually* deserve). That’s why I say justification by faith is the truth I need to hear Monday morning. After my inadequate attempts in the pulpit on Sunday, I need to know that my acceptance before God is Jesus Christ and faith-based; not Colin Adams and performance-based.

    Do you know what I mean?

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