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RTS Audio Downloads

September 15, 2007

For this week’s Featured Toolbox, Desiring God links us to an excellent resource:

“What a gift to the church!

Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS) is on iTunes U and has made some amazing seminary-course audio available for free.

There are church history courses with Frank James. Systematic theology with Doug Kelly. J.I. Packer on the Puritans. Especially recommended are John Frame’s courses on ethics, apologetics, and philosophy. And there are other courses as well.

(Other high-caliber free seminary audio is available from Biblical Training.)”

Workman’s Toolbox This Week
Pastor’s Bookshelf Reviews
Taking Preaching To the Next Level
MacArthur, Pagitt and Yoga
Benefits of Expository Preaching – Richard Ramesh
R Kent Hughes on Expository Preaching
Tools for Applying God’s Word – Church Matters (*)
What about Topical Preaching?
Dangers of Preaching from the Heart
ETS Papers Online
Favourite Books – CJ Mahaney
Theology of Sleep
What Can A Liberal Teach Us About Preaching?
Sam Storms: Church Discipline 101


Things Learned After 15 Years Of Preaching

September 1, 2007

Pastors, you must, must, must download the following talk and listen to it at least twice. Mike Bullmore’s “Things I’ve Learned about Preaching Having Taught it For 15 Years” is gold dust material. Once your done, walk your way through these links.


Other Toolbox This Week

Dumas: the Case for Expository Preaching
Preaching the Psalms (pt 2)
Preaching the Psalms (pt 1)
DON’T Contextualise the Gospel – Piper
How to Prepare Your Church for Discipline
Best Bible Software on the Market?
More Benefits of Expository Preaching
Egalitarianism on the Rise in Evangelicalism
Intro to Biblical Theology – Peterson
Challies on Whitefield on Sermon Listening
The Place and Importance of Pastoral Care
Audio – Accountable Pastors


Good Homiletics, Good Preaching?

August 25, 2007

Whilst I’m mentioning links worth reading: Good Homiletics Doesn’t Always Lead to Good Preaching. One line reads, “The crisis of the… pulpit is not one of communication theory, but rather one of content, conviction, and consistency of theology and life…” Amen.


Contexualized Preaching

August 25, 2007

The following article by Ed Stetzer on “Contextual Preaching” is today’s Featured Toolbox – a helpful discussion starter on what contextualisation might mean for preaching.


Other Toolbox This Week

Kaiser – Seven Kinds of Suffering
Seven Reasons to Preach the Gospel
Sovereign Grace Free Audio
Gospel Coalition Panel Discussion
Mohler Starts Apostle’s Creed
Baptism Debate Roundup
Riddlebarger Responds To MacArthur On Amillenialism
The Multi-Preacher Church
What to Expect From Preaching – Banner of Truth
Josh Harris On Evangelism
Paul’s Theology Of Proclamation
What Pastor’s Should Do With Monday’s


Illustrations Gone Bad

August 17, 2007

For this week’s Featured Toolbox I simply have to introduce you to a rather funny article by Scott Freeman about illustrations never fit to use.


I appreciate Scott’s humility in sharing the following illustration as one that his better judgment advised him not to use. Scott, I laugh with you (not at you) since I have similarly thought up some strange ones in my time! Here is the whole article – or alternatively the illustration that brought a smile to my face.

If you visit a restaurant, gas station or some similar establishment you will be given an opportunity to choose your particular beverage of choice. What you will notice at these establishments is that your selection will usually be either Coke products or Pepsi products. But rarely will you have the option for both. That is because Coke and Pepsi are bitter rivals. Most places will not enter into a contract with both companies.

Yet at each of these locations you will most likely have the additional choice of Dr. Pepper. Dr. Pepper is equally disbursed among Coke and Pepsi locations. And in the instances where Coke and Pepsi are on the same drink station? Yep, Dr. Pepper is there.

The folks at Dr. Pepper haven’t entered into the brutal cola wars that have consumed Coke and Pepsi. We need to be Dr. Pepper Christians. We need to be people who are equally comfortable with all the beverage choices out there. Uniters, not dividers.

Other Toolbox This Week

Books on Church History
Gospel Coalition Workshops Audio
Carey Conference Audio
Build Your Own Virtual Theological College
Resurrection Of Religion In Scots Schools
What Is The Gospel? – Mike Gilbart Smith
Recent Discussion On The New Perspective
Surprising Sources of Joy in Pastoral Ministry
RTS: Massive Audio Resource
John’s First Sermon On Spectacular Sins
Free Advice to Young Pastors
Children Desiring God Audio
Length of Tenure
Nice Conference!
Multiply the Fruit of Your Study
Favourite Books: Jackman
Grudem vs Piper on Baptism
Good Spurgeon Audio
Mbewe Interview part two


Dever on Calvinist Rise – Entire Series

August 12, 2007

I’ve been waiting until Mark Dever got through with his series, before linking you to the whole thing. His question for 10 has been “where have all these Calvinists come from?” His answers are well worth a read.


1. Charles Spurgeon
2. Lloyd-Jones
3. Banner of Truth Trust
4. Evangelism Explosion
5. Inerrancy Controversy
6. Presbyterian Church in America
7. JI Packer
8. RC Sproul and John MacArthur
9. John Piper
10. The rise of secularism and decline of Christian nominalism


Ministry In Global City Centers – Keller

August 4, 2007

I know this week’s Featured Toolbox may not have direct relevance to everyone, but we are all affected by the shape of the cities in our nation. By the way Tim (Keller) – if you ever read this -please, please put all this in book-form sometime!


Ministry in the New Global Culture of Major City Centers (part one)
Ministry in the New Global Culture of Major City Centers (part two)
Ministry in the New Global Culture of Major City Centers (part three)
Ministry in the New Global Culture of Major City Centers (part four)

Other Toolbox

*The Tentmakers Group
* Groothius: Apologetics Audio
* A Prayer for This Year: Thabiti
* Care for Pastor’s Wives
* The Dangerous Desire to be ‘Teachers’
* Why Doctrine is Practical: MacArthur
* Preaching in a Rut?
* Mahaney: Coping with Conflict
* Electronic Book Searches for Sermon Prep
* What Color Should Jesus Be?
Begg Back in the Pulpit
* Benefits of Exposition
* MacArthur’s Master’s Messages
* Church Planting and Expository Preaching
* Who Says the World Doesn’t Crave Forgiveness?
* Why Some Sermons Are Not Fresh

In case you’re wondering, I’m missing the odd post at the moment due to a house move next week. Christian first, then husband, father, pastor, blogger etc…


Top Blogs To Encourage Pastors

July 28, 2007

Recently, Said At Southern listed five blogs to encourage pastors. This got me thinking about some of the blogs I’ve found most helpful for pastoral ministry.


So, in no particular order:

1. Pure Church – Thabiti Anyabwile consistently writes posts which are Scripturally sound and pastorally aware. Some of his series (for instance, what a good pastor is to do) are excellent.

2. Mark Dever @ 9 Marks blog and Together for the Gospel – What can I say? Dever’s reflections on ecclesiology particularly and the role of church leaders have been unswervingly biblical and a tonic for much that ails the church in our day.

3. Biblical Preaching (Peter Mead) – Peter is fairly new on the block, but I’ve really appreciated his posts. He is quite prolific – often several posts a day – and writes short, thought provoking articles on all things relating to preaching.

4. Desiring God Blog – Its hard to look past John Piper and co. Not always aimed at pastors, but as much as anything DG will keep you focused on your walk with God and the temperature of your worship.

5. Justin Taylor – There are just so many helpful links and articles JT links to, this is a must visit for pastor’s who use the internet.

Of course, there are many other excellent Christian blogs that I read which help me to be a better Christian. However, one thing that hit home in doing this exercise was how few blogs are devoted specifically to pastoral issues (9 Marks and Pure Church being exceptions). Perhaps there is a gap here that needs to be filled? Or maybe there are other blogs that I’m missing.

Any thoughts?

Other Toolbox This Week
* Excellent Commentaries List
* Sermon Evaluation Form: Calvin Seminary
* Mohler on Music
* Potter and the Preacher
* John Stott Bows out at Keswick
* Henry Center Media
* When Graham Preached Sinners in the Hands of An Angry God
* In What Ways Should The Pastor View His Ministry?
* Learned This Sunday Night: Nothing but the Blood
* Get A Preaching Resource Team


Toolbox: How To Listen To A Bad Sermon

July 21, 2007

This Saturday’s Featured Toolbox simply piqued my interest. I have yet to listen to the link – “How to Listen to A Bad Sermon” by Ligon Duncan – but with that title and speaker it is bound to be good.


Other Toolbox

* Preaching a Funeral: the hardest sermon?
* Huge Bryan Chapell Audio Collection
* Why Mark Dever Does Sermon Intros
* My Email Experiment
* Online Greek Interlinear
* Online Hebrew Interlinear
* John Piper: Romans – New Concentrated Audio
* Expository Thoughts – Observations on Pastoral Preaching
* Review: Famine in the Land (Steve Lawson)
* Should We Cover More in Our Sermons?
* 9 Marks Audio: Evangelism and The Gospel With Will Metzger
* Cross Centered Books for Children
* Controversy – Erik Raymond and Luis Palau Interviews
* Faith by Hearing – Top 12 MP3 Sermons


A Sane Approach to Biblical Commentaries

June 30, 2007

Our Featured Toolbox this Saturday is one of the sanest short articles I’ve read on the use of commentaries in sermon prep. Steven Mathewson’s post on the PreachingToday blog, offers five dangers in relation to commentaries:

1) Using commentaries exclusively, or too quickly in the process;
2) Using too many commentaries
3) Using substandard commentaries
4) Using Commentaries to the neglect of prayer and meditation and
5) Not using commentaries at all.


I love his honest comment that while many speak of the dangers of commentaries being overused, “I know few, if any, pastors who spend too much time in commentaries.” Read the whole post here.

Other Toolbox This Week
* Packer on Lloyd Jones
* 7 Steps to Sermon Prep
* Gospel Coalition Website Launched
* Learning from Cancer – Begg Audio
* Paul’s Imperatives to Pastors
* Church – What about Me Songs?
* Review: The Complete Gathered Gold – John Blanchard
* New Nine Marks Newsletter: The Gospel
* A New Bible Translation (Unfortunately)
* Music When You Study?
* Review: Everlasting Dominion – a Theology of the OT
* Evangelical Faithfulness in Academia
* Nazarenes Rethink Entire Sanctification
* Teaching Laymen to Preach Expositionally
* Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing


Christ’s Servant Among Sheep & Wolves

June 23, 2007

This Saturday’s Featured Toolbox is a link to an excellent interview conducted over at the “Against Heresies” blog. Joel Beeke, who pastors Heritage Netherlands Reformed Congregation and is president of Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, speaks to the vital issue of identifying heresy in the church today. Here are the three segments of the interview.

* Christ’s Servant Among Sheep and Wolves (part one)
* Christ’s Servant Among Sheep and Wolves (part two)
* Christ’s Servant Among Sheep and Wolves (part three)


Personally, I especially appreciated Beeke’s three suggestions for younger ministers in dealing with error:

1. Become and stay well versed in the Scriptures, in confessional Reformed theology, and in the great classics of Reformed, experiential theology.

2. Summarize the errors of various movements succinctly from the pulpit when the scriptural text you are expounding pertains to them. Enlarge upon your exposure of error, perhaps, in catechism classes (because young people are the church’s future) or weekday classes (because those who attend have, in general, greater appreciation for apologetics than does your average Sabbath attendee and because your teaching situation is less formal).

3. Remember that you cannot study every false movement in depth, nor should you. Study in depth for yourself those that directly affect your congregation. Otherwise, read the best book from an evangelical perspective that refutes a particular error. In some cases, reading one good article may suffice.

Younger ministers should beware of being so caught up with the trends, debates, and crises of the present that they neglect to reinforce their knowledge of Christian history and Christian doctrine.

Other Toolbox This Week
* Lay Level Systematic Theology Class: Bruce Ware
* Video: What is the Gospel – Don Carson
* The Mereness of the Church: Preaching (Thabiti Anyabwile)
* Using Illustrations to Preach With Power
* Ever Wanted to Do This to Your Computer?
* New – Nine Marks Blog
* Differences Between Justification and Sanctification
* 25 Things I’ve Learned About Sin – Team Pyro
* Ten Reasons Why I Believe the Bible To Be the Word of God: RA Torrey
* Steve Lawson: Five Talks on Augustine of Hippo
* Interesting Site: American Rhetoric
* Don’t Short Change the Conclusion
* Style or Substance: What’s the Biggest Problem With Contemporary Church Music?
* Tips for Preaching Multiple Times a Week
* Sermon Titles: Tricky Little Things
* Mwebe’s Favourite Books for Preachers
* Six Lessons We Learn From Luther: JI Packer


Featured Toolbox: Rightly Handling the Truth

June 9, 2007

More often than not Steve Lawson finds his way into my i-pod these days. Today’s Featured Toolbox links you to a series of three talks this pastor from Mobile, Alabama gave on the theme “How to Understand the Bible: Keys to Rightly Handling the Truth.” Covering 20 keys to biblical interpretation, these are not only useful refreshers for preachers but also a vital study for all members of the congregation.

Keys to Rightly Handling the Truth p. 1 mp3
Keys to Rightly Handling the Truth p. 2 mp3
Keys to Rightly Handling the Truth p. 3 mp3
(HT: Faith by Hearing)

Complete Toolbox for this week:

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