October 26, 2011

Apparently there have been some advertisements appearing at the bottom of Unashamed Workman blog posts.

A kind brother informed me of this by email, and explained that WordPress have now started adding these adverts to the bottom of every blog post (usually a You Tube video). Annoyingly, I have been unable to see these myself because I am constantly ‘logged in’ to WordPress.

So I apologise if any unhelpful advertisements have appeared at the bottom of posts. This has not been of my own making.

I will have to consider whether to continue using the WordPress platform (and pay up for the privelege of a “no adds” option). Perhaps I may find another host altogether. In either case, I may not be posting for a little while.

Your fellow servant in the gospel,

Colin Adams


ps. I apologise if this blogpost also comes with an advertisement!


















  1. Great reminders for me, even though, I teach preaching, blog about preaching and preach as a pastor.

    I found especially helpful # 6:

    Lecturing: It’s difficult to define the difference between preaching and lecturing, but you know it when you see it/hear it. It’s about passion, eye-contact, persuasion, urgency, etc.

    Dr. Tim White

  2. You can always consider wordpress.org than wordpress.com. Hope you know they are different (in case you don’t, just google it). You’ll have to host the site on your own to use wordpress.org, however there are no hassles like this ad thing.

    Blessings in Christ,

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