Tchividjian’s Preaching Notes

October 14, 2011

Via Josh Harris, here are Tullian Tchividjian’s preaching notes. For some strange reason, I’m interested in this sort of thing!

Single spaced, A4, almost word for word, with the odd scribbled note – in case you’re wondering…



  1. In my attempts to become a better disciple maker I have read my pastor’s notes from time to time. Generally speaking 4 pages typed at 12 font with 1.5 spacing makes a good starting spot for a sermon. Some pastors use as many as 14 pages double spaced.
    Also, I think it is good to have a pastor that can deliver a sermon with his eyes on the congregation. When they read to the congregation I am left wondering if they know what they are reading. I wonder if they are committed to the life they are asking me to live. Maybe this is the first time they have seen what is written.
    . After reading Tullian’s notes I can tell that the bible has been through this pastor. It has shaped and molded his thinking. It has moved it so much that he wants the congregation to be bent into the image of Christ. Tullian wants his congregation to live in obedience to God but remember that their obedience after salvation does not make them any less a law breaker than they were before they were born again.
    Dr Howard Hendricks told my pastor that we do not have the resources to memorize all of our sermons before Sunday. Thereforie, I have learned that after the scripture has broken you and molded you into an image of Christ you can write your sermon. Write your sermon well and deliver it well. Also, you are feeding sheep from the stores of Holy Spirit, the sermon is not about you.

  2. For some reason, I cannot open Tullian’s sermon notes. Can you help me? Mike

  3. I recently applied to Coral Ridge to become an intern! I’m really praying that God will make a way for me to be able to go there.

    Tullian is such an anointed speaker. I love listening to him. Really convicting and totally gospel centered!

    I love your blog! Check mine out some time if you get the chance!

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