Preach Judges! How?

March 31, 2011

I’m preaching through Judges.

It is brutal, bloody, and beautifully illustrative of God’s mercy.

My study has been the setting for slow sweaty work, as I have grappled with both the doctrine and application of each text. It has been perplexing at times: “How in the world do I preach this properly?”

An article by Steve Mathewson has been especially helpful to me.  In Preaching The Gospel In Judges, he explores how we should exposit judges in a Christ-centred way. I’ve found his three questions particularly useful:

1. What does this story proclaim about God and his relationship with his people?

2. How does this theological message connect with the Bible’s larger story or meta-narrative?

3. What admonition or exhortation does this story offer?

Thank you Matthewson.



  1. […] is probably not easiest book for us to turn to preach from.  Here Colin Adams reflects on how might preach on Judges and what kind of questions we might ask. Filed under: Uncategorized | You can follow any […]

  2. thanks so much for the resource…i was slogging along.

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