Hell Hesitant – Changing Attitudes in the UK

March 22, 2011

In light of the late discussion about Rob Bell’s new book, it is interesting to observe changing views among confessing Christians in the UK.  The Evangelical Alliance surveyed 17,000 people at various Christian festivals in the UK. They compiled the results in a report called 21st century Evangelicals.

Some of the results?

Only 54% of those consulted believe that the Bible, in its original manuscript, is without error. Only 59% believe that homosexual actions are always wrong. 51% think that women should be eligible for all roles within the church. And only 37% still believe that hell is a place where those condemned will suffer eternally. This last topic was the issue on which, the report said, ‘there is the greatest uncertainty’.

The shift away from Scripture is, to say the least, concerning. It seems that any doctrines we 21st century folk are uncomfortable with can be jettisoned from our statements of faith at a moment’s notice. The Bible is being politely, but umistakeably,  ignored.


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  2. but as John Stott, Philip Hughes and others have pointed out, the actual biblical data supporting the idea that hell consists of ‘conscious eternal torment’ is so overwhelmingly sparse that perhaps ‘great uncertainty’ isn’t an entirely unreasonable response.

  3. From across the pond, I’m surprised the numbers are as high as they are!

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