Alastair On Preaching

March 21, 2011

Alastair Begg was recently interviewed about his preaching.

A couple of stand out quotes:

‘There is a whole approach to homiletics that is leading people into the ditch because it gets people to think in such compartmentalized categories in relation to explanation, illustration, and application—that they buy books on sermon illustrations and research stories as hooks—spending more time on these things than looking closely at their Bibles or the world around them.’

‘Growing up, I primarily heard sermons from the Old Testament that were character studies that served as a platform for moralism. These kinds of sermon, for example, looked at Joshua and said, “You see, Joshua wasn’t afraid, so we shouldn’t be either”—without any connections made to the gospel. Moralism always shines the spotlight on human action, rather than on God’s grace.’


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