Convictions (part 1)

March 12, 2011

I’ll be honest with you: preparing two sermons a week is not something I find easy.

Its not the hours involved preparing, or even the mental effort. Its  a spiritual challenge. Its kindling my enthusiasm on a Tuesday morning with a new pair of passages and a blank piece of paper.

How do you stay fresh?

Quoting the Psalmist, Paul answered: “I believed, therefore I have spoken” (2 Cor 4:13).

Here is the key: convictions keep us preaching. A preacher can preach without eloquence, commentaries or training. But one thing he cannot preach without is convictions. He can perhaps ‘talk’ of spiritual generalities, or convey some humanistic message. But he cannot really preach.



  1. Thank you. I feel less alone. 🙂

  2. Preaching or teaching. Its a task. I don’t know how John MacArthur does it do you? Well he has two a week to work on, does good. I teach four a week. That is a task for sure. I am getting better. You bring in some good thought for sure.

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