Forget Powerpoint?

February 8, 2011

Alan Kurschner tells us why Powerpoint is not prophetic:

In summary, I simply do not find sermons supplemented with Powerpoint conducive to the qualities of soul-grabbing, prophetic, anguishing preaching. So pastors, just focus on edifying the flock’s souls at that moment and allow your well-prepared sermons to speak for themselves.



  1. Preachers shouldn’t be bound by man-made rules, either for or against Powerpoint etc. It can indeed inhibit the preacher in (say) a sermon on repentance; on the other hand if your task is to (say) introduce one of the OT historical books to people who have no grasp of the flow of the OT, it can be extremely useful.

    Bad powerpoint is er… pointless, and not powerful! Judicious use of it as one tool in the preachers armoury can be helpful. Preaching must be more than conveying information; but it cannot be less than that – and PP can at times assist with this.

    The real danger of PowerPoint is NOT that it inherently inhibits passionate, soul-winning preaching, but rather the time it takes to produce good presentations. Preachers can be sidetracked into the production of artistic slides, at the expense of prayer, study and time with people. This is the real PP trap.. imho

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