No Need to Play With Postmodernism

January 25, 2011


“Expository preaching is the only thing that is going to change anything. There isn’t any other way to affect people positively aside from hitting them with that kind of authority. In my own preaching, my objective is not to court the postmodern mind. My objective is to confront it—to hit it stone cold in the face with truth. It’s irrelevant to me how the person thinks. It’s only relevant to me how they need to think. So I’m not going to play around with their sensitivities to postmodernism.”

(John MacArthur, from the Q & A, Preaching in  a PostModern Culture. It is worth reading the whole thing in context.)



  1. Amen. The power is in the Word of God – not anything we can come up with!

  2. I agree. If we just preached the truth engergized by the Spirit, a multitude of books would not be needed, a host of definitions, classifications, and methodology could fall by the wayside. I too, have never cared about post-modernism and wrung my hands in wondering what to do – preach the word, it will do its job. I don’t have to do the job of either the Word or the Holy Spirit. Bravo for this quote!

  3. Too bad Jesus didn’t use expository preaching – if he had, maybe he could have changed things or been able to “affect people positively.”

  4. I like the quote except for the first sentence. It is the Holy Spirit that brings conviction and He brings it in many ways. Expository preaching is a vital (essential) part of what we should be doing.

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