Exodus and Leviticus

July 11, 2010

I’ve really enjoyed preparing overview sermons on Exodus and Leviticus.  Here were the outlines:


1. God’s Redemption of His People (Ex ch 1-18)

  • the people in need of redemption
  • the person involved in redemption
  • the price required for redemption

2. God’s Covenant with His People (Ex ch 19-24)

  • its context
  • its conditions
  • its ceremony

3. God’s Presence with His People (Ex ch 25-40)

  • a foreshadow of Christ’s presence in the world
  • a foreshadow of God’s presence in the church


1.  Approaching a Holy God Through Sacrifice (Lev ch 1-16)

  • the offerings
  • the offerer

2. Imitating a Holy God Through Obedience (Lev ch 17-27)

  • holiness is a reflection
  • holiness is a distinction
  • holiness is an obedience


  1. […] the way, Colin Adams has just posted an overview outline of Leviticus and you can download an mp3 of his sermon.  I […]

  2. Hi Colin, thanks for this really helpful outline. Your two-fold outline of Leviticus is as good as any I’ve read – and I’ve read a lot recently. I have just posted on ‘Learning to Love Leviticus’ on my own blog

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