Speak, O Lord

June 15, 2010

Before I start preparing my sermons on Tuesday morning, I usually sing in the study, Speak O Lord, as we come to You, to receive the food of Your Holy Word. It can feel a little conspicuous, and I’m glad no one can hear me except the cows in the field outside my window! But it articulates well my request to the Lord at the outset of my preparations. Does anyone else sing a hymn, or two, before beginning their exegesis?



  1. Totally unrelated to the task at hand in some ways but I often sing ‘King of the Ages, Almighty God’ by Townend and Getty.

  2. Thanks for the song, it is great, this reminded me of how renewing hymns can be before beginning a day of pastoral work. Since my study is at the church building, others can hear me but I don’t care. In fact, it might give them a glimpse of what I’m doing.

  3. Maybe you should record your version to assess whether it is damaging to the milk production of the cows?
    Great song though!

  4. Paul, I wouldn’t be surprised if the cows are adversely affected.

    I’m getting my own back for all the times I’ve had to endure their foul smells wafting in my window!

  5. I just wanted to say I’m a fan of what you’re doing on this website. This is an encouraging ministry even for a college student like myself.

    I used to sing “Words That You Say” by Something Like Silas before I read. Whenever I have an opportunity to speak, I use “All i Have is Christ” by Jordan Kauflin/Na Band to remind me of the Gospel while I prepare.

  6. Praise the Lord! Great words of this song reminding us that it is His work, His Word that we are proclaiming!
    Thanks for the song!
    Recently, the hymn “Take My Life, and Let It Be” were a great inspiration!

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