April 23, 2010

I have just arrived back in the United Kingdom from the USA, one week later than expected. After countless hours spent in airports and hotels, and following several days spent in first New York and then Barcelona, its good to finally be back on home turf. Summing up the whole experience in a word: humbling. Volcanic-dust left men´s finest machinery grounded, and the reminder was given that we are only dust.

(The stack from the conference. Slowing the travel-time even more!)



  1. Hello Colin,
    First, I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog for the last two years, but haven’t posted. I, too, was at T4G. Excellent. Sorry to have missed you. Would have said hello.
    Didn’t know you were flying through JFK, I presume. Would have had you stay with us in nearby NJ. Oh well. Next time (not that I am wishing for another volcanic eruption).

  2. Welcome back! That’s quite a stash of really useful stuff. Like the way the bible is at the bottom, the foundation of all above it.

  3. You’ve only just got back!? Wow! Looking at the stash I see a few sneaky ‘other’ titles in there too! ;o) It was good to meet you and have a bite to eat in Louisville. Again in 2012!

  4. […] in the form of dust After trying to get back to Ireland from the U.S., Colin Adams at Unashamed Workman blog noted the […]

  5. I got the ESV study Bible for Christmas… it’s a little gold-mine!

  6. Happy Reading!

  7. Thanks for the info (and photo). Colin, would you have time to comment on one of the sessions (unless you have and I missed it): RC Sproul’s to be specific — I’ve just listened to the first half of it (as an mp3) and am very curious how it was received there….

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