Why One Listens

April 8, 2010

“Here is a preacher who has nothing in the way of a winning personality, good looks, or charm. Here is a preacher who offers us nothing in the way of sophisticated homiletical packaging. No one would suggest that he is a master of the art of oratory. What he seems to have is a witness to true authority. He recognizes in Scripture the Word of God, and when he preaches, it is Scripture that one hears. It is not that the words of John MacArthur are so interesting as it is that the Word of God is of surpassing interest. That is why one listens.”

Read the whole excerpt by Hughes Oliphant Old.


  1. “…nothing in the way of a winning personality, good looks, or charm.”

    Really? By what gauge is HOO measuring? The Osteen Chart of Preacher Good Looks and Charm?

  2. It is the accurate handling of the word filled by the power of the Holy Spirit.

    He sounded a litle jealous to me.

  3. Yes, I think HOO over-states things to make the point (the word “nothing” betrays exaggeration!) . To my mind, there is no doubt that MacArthur is a way above average communicator, for example.

    I think HOO’s point, though, is that Dr MacArthur does not lean on those things for his effectiveness. He relies on Word-power.

  4. Would love to read the whole book… if only I had a good book budget!

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