Together for The Gospel

March 12, 2010

I pretty much got the best birthday present ever this week. My wife Nicki had secretly booked my flights and tickets for Together 4 The Gospel next month. You only turn 30 once!  I think there’s a small UK contingent heading across. See below why I’m so excited, and if you see me there, do say hello.



  1. That’s wonderful! I’ll be looking for you! It’s a rare occasion for me, as well, since we are overseas four to five years at a stretch. We’re in the States this year, just three hours from Louisville, so I can’t miss it. There is also a bloggers’ lunch that may interest you. Here’s the site: http://bandofbloggers.org/
    Hope to see you in Louisville!

  2. Colin,

    I hope you have had a truly spectacular Birthday! I want to thank you for your labor of love with this blog. As one who frequents it often, I have found it to be very edifying and encouraging. I rejoice that God has brought you and your family to the saints in Ireland! May God use you and other brothers like you in a mighty way to stregthen the Church and expand the Kingdom.

    From one Weekender to another,

  3. That is a fantastic present. I don’t live quite as far away as you do but also received T4G as a gift. I only have to drive 11 hours from Oklahoma to Louisville. May God grant you safe travels. Hope to run in to you there, I have really enjoyed your blog.

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