Thabiti on Commentaries

January 26, 2010

Thabiti Anyabwile gives some helpful insight into his use of commentaries:

1. If I spend 16 hours on a sermon, I would guess that on average 12 of those hours are spent in the text itself and working on my first draft of the sermon.

2. When I turn to commentaries, I turn to exegetical commentaries first. I do use them as “Bible study partners” to check my handling and understanding of the text.

3. I really enjoy the Baker Exegetical Commentary Series and the Pillar New Testament Commentary Series. I’ve found helpful volumes in the New International Commentary on the Old Testament.

4. I don’t often consult one-volume commentaries. Henry is about the only one I’ll dip into occasionally, though I own a couple others.

5. After I’ve spent my time in the text and written a draft, I first consult exegetical commentaries. Then I’ll normally do any re-writing or re-thinking I need to do. I do also like to read one or two expositional commentaries. I enjoy seeing how others handle the same passages. Among my favorites to read the night before are Boice and Lloyd-Jones.


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