Are You A Gospel Maniac?

January 14, 2010

“Have you ever been accused of madness in your preaching? Jesus was (John 10:20), and so were the apostles (2 Corinthians 5:13). Its not unusual for a gospel preacher to be accused of madness…Paul was a gospel maniac [Acts 26:24]. He was captivated by God’s Word. He was a Psalm 1 man of the Book. He was ‘insane’ about Christ and the cross and the resurrection… Preaching today is so often passive, apathetic, impotent, soft, spineless and lame. It lacks fervour, heat and heart. It is passionless. What can turn preaching around? What can restore fire-breathing, white-hot power preaching in our day? The answer is quite simple. Preachers must become gospel maniacs. Preachers must become captivated and re-captivated by the Lord Jesus Christ and the gospel. No intoxication for the gospel, no mania for the good news means no fire.”

(David Eby, Power Preaching for Church Growth, p48)


One comment

  1. You’re obviously busy with the new church, Colin, but any chance of a review of this book sometime? 🙂

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