Titus Series

January 4, 2010

JI Packer once summarised the Puritan era with the words “A quest for godliness.” At the outset of my recent Titus series, I began with this challenge:

“Many of us have goals. There is nothing necessarily wrong with having goals. But is godliness one of them? Is godliness something we aspire to as a church congregation? Is godliness a passionate pursuit for this church? Does the truth that we believe lead to godliness? Could a biographer of this church, 300 years from now, write as our summary: “Ballymoney Baptist Church: A Quest for Godliness” ?

The letter of Titus is a letter about godliness. Its an epistle that, perhaps above all others, stresses the importance of godliness. It promotes – if we may put a finer point on it:  a godliness that accords with the truth. It shows us that believing gospel truths, must go hand in hand with living godly lives.”

Here is the audio:

Truth and Godliness (1:1-4) – Listen; download

Eldership (1:5- 16) – Listen; download

Teach What is Good (2:1-10) – Listen; download

The Doctrine That Motivates Duty (2:11-14) – Listen; download.  Phil Dunn preaching

Salvation and Society (3:1-10) – Listen; download

Five Final Words (3:9-14) – Listen; download


  1. Did you deal with 1.10-16?

  2. Yes, that was a typo. I’ve changed it now to 1:5-16. That was my longest sermon that one: 55 minutes I think!!

  3. I am doing 10-16 seperately tomorrow night. but these are designed to be no more than 20 mins so as not to rob time for prayer.

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