Jesus: A Better Joshua

December 21, 2009

I mentioned in this morning’s sermon that there are some connectons between Joshua and Jesus – not least their names! While it didn’t make it into the final cut of the sermon, I was enriched by Charles Spurgeon’s reflections on how Joshua – Jesus’ namesake – foreshadows our Lord:

“There was one, then, of old, who bore this famous name of Jesus, or Joshua, and was a type of our Jesus.  What did Joshua do?

  • When Moses could not lead the people into Canaan, Joshua did it; and so our Jesus accomplishes what the law never could have done.
  • Joshua overcame the enemies of God’s people: though they were very many and very strong, and bad cities walled to heaven and chariots of iron, yet in the name of Jehovah, as captain of the Lord.s host, Joshua smote them. Even so doth our glorious Joshua smite our sins and all the powers of darkness, and utterly destroy our spiritual enemies. Before him Amalek is smitten, Jericho falls, and Canaanites are put to rout, while he giveth us to triumph in every place.
  • Moreover Joshua conquered an inheritance for Israel, took them across the Jordan, settled them in a land that flowed with milk and honey, and gave to each tribe and to each man to stand in his lot which God had ordained for him. Precisely this is what our Jesus does, only our inheritance is more divine, and on each one of us it is more surely entailed.
  • Though Joshua could not give to the people the heavenly Sabbatismos, or rest of the highest kind, yet he gave them rest most pleasant to them, so that every man sat under his own vine and fig tree, none making him afraid; but our glorious Joshua has given us infinite, eternal rest, for he is our peace, and they that know him have entered into rest.
  • Joshua, the son of Nun, caused the people to serve the Lord all his days, but he could not save the nation from their sins, for after his death they grievously went astray: our Joshua reserves to himself a people zealous for good works, for he ever liveth an is able to keep them from falling.
  • No more doth Joshua lift sword or spear on behalf of Israel, but Jesus still rideth forth, conquering and to conquer, and all his people have victory through his blood.

Well is his name called Jesus.”

(Charles Spurgeon: “Jesus” – Matthew 1:21)



  1. […] Along the same lines, Colin Adams rejoices in the truth that “Jesus is a Better Joshua.” […]

  2. Fun for consideration…

    Amazing parallels between Moses, Elijah & John
    Amazing parallels between Joshua, Elisha & Jesus

    also…see the Joshua (Yeshua) of Zechariah / Haggai

    Equally enjoyable are the Jesus / Joseph comparisons…

    Much fun with the Son!

    God Bless and thanks for the comparisons

  3. Enjoyed your post, working on a women’s Sunday school lesson and found it helpful. I was surprised not to see JC Ryle as one of your unashamed workmen. Any particular reason?

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