9 Marks Conference – Northern Ireland

December 3, 2009

Exciting news! There are two 9 Marks conferences scheduled for the UK this February. One in Edinburgh Scotland, the other in Ballymena, Northern Ireland. Here are the Northern Ireland details.



  1. Hi Colin, have you any idea if there is a 9Marks for Scottish diaspora, living south of the border?


  2. Neil,

    The only two 9 marks conferences I’m aware of are in Edinburgh, and Ballymena. I think Mark Dever is doing a 1 day conference in London too, but its on another topic. You should be able to find out his schedule on the Capitol Hill Baptist Church website.


  3. Thanks Colin, looks like I’ll need to travel if I want to go to the conference. Neil

  4. How come your flyer’s fancier than ours? Like what you’ve done with the cover of ‘WIAHC?’

  5. Wow praise God for such a thing!

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