Hubbard and Duguid

November 3, 2009

By the way, my two favourite commentaries on the book of Ruth were…


The first was excellent on exegesis and historical context: arguably the best technical commentary on Ruth. The second was underpinned by such scholarship, but added a layer of application that generated good ideas for the preacher.

Also, I’m reposting those links from yesterday. Some of them were not working:

  1. The Kindness of Boaz (2:13-23)
  2. Will You Marry Me? (3:1-18)
  3. Marriage and Children (4:1-17)
  4. The Genealogy of David (4:18-22)


  1. I had a momentary double take when I looked at the author of the commentary.

    Am I the only one who finds the similarity between the names of R. L. Hubbard (author of this volume on Ruth) and L. R. Hubbard (founder of Scientology) a bit amusing?

    Especially since they both have the shortened L (albiet in different locations).

  2. I really like Duguid. He wrote a commentary on Ezekiel in the NIV Application series. I will have to look for these Ruth commentaries.

  3. Col,

    What resources are you using for your Mark and Titus series?

  4. Richard,

    My main Mark commentary is William Lane. I’m finding him very rich indeed. I use a few other commentaries for supplementary reference.

    For Titus, I’m leaning on Philip Towner. He would have a different view from me on the role of women, but he does have a superb grasp of the pastorals as a unit and I’m getting lots of help from him. Knight is meant to be excellent on the pastorals too, but I had already got Towner some time ago. John Stott is ever reliable at a more summary level.

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