Ruth Sermon Series – Audio

November 2, 2009

I’ve just completed my first series in Ballymoney. Entitled “Astounding Grace”, it was a consideration of the book of Ruth.


Ruth is a short, suspenseful, and ultimately spectacular (Ruth 4:18-22!) story, showing how the grace of God can work in the most unlikely of situations. Despite sin and suffering, God blesses the small and endangered household of Naomi, all while providing the greatest King in Israel’s ancient history.  Key themes covered include providence, redemption and kindness. Here is the audio:

  1. The Kindness of Boaz (2:13-23)
  2. Will You Marry Me? (3:1-18)
  3. Marriage and Children (4:1-17)
  4. The Genealogy of David (4:18-22)


  1. I preached the whole book in 20 minutes at our harvest festival. lol

    Looking forward to doing it ‘properly’ sometime soon

  2. […] Ruth Sermon Series – Audio […]

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