Luther: Letting the Word Act

November 2, 2009


I will preach the Word, will declare it, will write it. But I will never force or press anyone with violence, for faith can only be willingly, unconstrainedly nourished…I have done nothing; the Word everything. If I had so wished, I might have deluged Germany with blood; yea, I might have started such a game at Worms that the Emperor himself would not have been secure. I have only let the Word act.

(Christian Preachers, p 56)



  1. In On the Jews and Their Lies Luther was not quite so gentle….

  2. And this is so true. We try to manipulate and move and cajole and persuade.

    When really, we should just “proclaim” and then “live out” the gospel.

    That’s real change.


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