Reliable Preaching

October 23, 2009

The Gospel Coalition website just seems to be getting better and better. At this rate, its getting very close to becoming becoming my homepage!


Take for example this excellent article by Tullian Tchividjian, How To Identify a Reliable Preacher. He has five helpful question to help us discern:

1. Does the preacher ground everything he says in the Bible?

2. Does the preacher freely emphasize that because of sin, a right relationship with God can only be established by God’s grace alone?

3. Does the preacher stress that salvation is not achieved by what we can do, rather salvation is received by faith in what Christ has already done?

4. Does the preacher underline that Christ is the exclusive mediator between God and man?

5. Does the preacher exalt God above all?

The unpacking of each of these points is well worth reading.


  1. Brother, an excellent series of helpful posts (for this preacher). Thanks so much for your sharing them. Have a wonderful Lord’s Day. db

  2. Home page! Ha! I hear you loud and clear! With JT and K deY there now as well it is a great spot to stop for a while! Hope all is going well at Ballymoney!



  3. Now that JT and RevKev have been invited to host their blogs at The Gospel Coalition, me thinks Unashamed Workman is next.

    Take your 528,096 hits and their $$$, then take the plunge Colin. 😉

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