4 Simple Hallmarks of Good Exposition

October 21, 2009

The Cornhill Training Course is an excellent introductory course in handling the bible well and then presenting it in understandable fashion. It originated in London, then branched out to Glasgow, but has most recently leapfrogged the water to Belfast, Northern Ireland. 


(Moore Casement, Director of Cornhill Belfast)

It was a joy for me to spend time at Cornhill yesterday. Leading feedback sessions for five minute expositions, I was stimulated by the simplicity of the areas we were evaluating. Surely, we should look for these four hallmarks in any clear exposition:

  1. The Big Idea: Did the talk have one? If so, what was it? And was this  idea faithful to the text?
  2. The Context: Did the expositor pay adequate attention to literary context? Were the verses under consideration being taken ‘out of context?’
  3. The Content: Was the scope of the passage covered, or was something important missed out? Was the content simply explained and easy to follow?  Did the content reflect (and prove) the big idea ? Was anything unclear?
  4. The Implications: What might the relevance of the passage be for Christians, churches, and even for unbelievers today? (note: this fourth area actually isn’t covered in the earliest Cornhill expositions, but is a component added later)

One comment

  1. Preaching to unbelievers eh? Now there’s a novelty!

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