Remember, Jesus Preached…

September 15, 2009

From his Expository Thoughts on Mark: a typically forthright quote from JC Ryle…

“Let us never be moved by those who cry down the preachers office, and tell us that sacraments and other ordinances are of more importance than sermons. Let us give to every part of God’s public worship its proper place and honour, but let us beware of placing any part of it above preaching. By preaching, the Church of Christ was first gathered together and founded, and by preaching, it has ever been maintained in health and prosperity.

By preaching, sinners are awakened. By preaching, inquirers are led on. By preaching, saints are built up. By preaching, Christ is being carried to the heathen world…Above all, its is the very work that Christ Himself undertook. The King of kings and Lord of lords Himself was once a preacher. For three long years he went to and fro proclaiming the gospel.””

I also love this follow-up quote:

“The sermons that we listen to may be weak and poor. But after all, preaching is God’s grand ordinance for converting and saving souls. The faithful preacher of the Gospel is handling the very weapon the Son of God was not ashamed to employ.”

(JC Ryle’s comments on Mark 1:38: ‘This [preaching] is why I have come.”)



  1. The word that best describes Ryle is “forthright.” Aside from Spurgeon and Alexander Maclaren (the centennary of whose death is May 5, 2010, by the way), few could best Ryle at sweeping away the verbal cobwebs through the preaching of the Word. If there had been more Anglicans like him, perhaps the Anglican Church would not be in the shape it’s in today.

  2. Leave it to John Charles Ryle to give such exceptional insight about all preachers following THE preacher. Fantastic quote!

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