The Pastor’s Personal Walk (pt 3)

July 18, 2009

Who pastor’s the pastors? (continued)

3.  Pastors in other churches.

Who knows a pastor’s peculiar struggles more fully than another pastor? No wonder many of us draw strength from other pastors: over the phone, at the fraternal, or in a regular social context. Oft-times a younger pastor will have a more experienced shepherd that he goes to for support. Like Paul to Timothy, the more senior figure becomes a well of wisdom and a haven of help. What a great blessing pastors can be to pastors!

4. The church congregation.

Why shouldn’t the church congregation be able to pastor its pastor?  Actually, we pastors are being shepherded by our flocks all the time!

  • That member who asks about the condition of our ill spouse.
  • That thoughtful card or email which gives us a boost on a hard week.
  • That prayer for the pastor’s (your) sermon, that you are blessed to hear and say ‘Amen to.

In all these ways and more, the pastor receives a measure of Christian encouragement from the congregation he serves.

5. Other Christian Confidants.

This slightly ambiguous category is a catchall for Christian carers beyond the sphere of our local church congregation. For example, many pastor’s I know have one or two long-standing relationships in churches they have long left – relationships which continue to provide an outlet for the pastor’s encouragement. These close confidants have the great advantage of not being involved in the pastor’s local church situation. They also have a deep enough friendship to know both how to encourage and confront the pastor if necessary. Such people are invaluable ‘pastors to the pastor.’


  1. Thanks and nice post! I count it joy to have several friends whom I touch base with occasionally. I’ve also met (not as frequently as I would like) with other Pastors. I agree it is essential: for perspective, counsel, and fellowship.

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