1 Timothy – “Building a Healthy Church”

July 7, 2009

“Building a Healthy Church” was the last sermon-series I’ll participate in at Charlotte Chapel.  As much as I hope other people benefitted from the studies in 1 Timothy, I personally profited from them a great deal. The Apostle Paul’s sagely words should be relevant to many readers of this blog, of course. 1 Timothy is a charge given to a young-ish man concerning the conduct and creed of the church he pastors (1 Tim 3:14-16; 6:11ff)!

Title Preacher Passage    
Opening 1 Timothy    Colin Adams   1 Tim 1:1-2  
The doctrine driven church   Colin Adams   1 Tim 1:3-11  
A matter of life or death Peter Grainger   1 Tim 1:12-20  
Gospel-Centred Praying    Peter Grainger   1 Tim 2:1-7  
Worship and Witness   Peter Grainger   1 Tim 2:8-15  
The Noble task   Colin Adams   1 Tim 3:1-7  
Godly Servants   Rodney Stout   1 Tim 3:8-13  
The Heart of 1 Timothy   Colin Adams   1 Tim 3:14-16  
Whom Do I Serve?      Tim Bridges   1 Tim 4:1-10    
A Pastor’s Priorities   Peter Grainger   1 Tim 4:11-16  
A Caring Community   Colin Adams   1 Tim 5:1-16  
Leading Questions   Colin Adams  1 Tim 5:17-25  
Work and Wealth   Colin Adams   1 Tim 6:1-10  
A Personal Challenge Colin Adams   1 Tim 6:11-21  

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