Nehemiah – “Restoring the Ruins”

July 1, 2009

So we just finished preaching through the book of Nehemiah.   “Restoring the Ruins” was a timely series of expositions, not least for a church who are about to begin a new phase of ‘building’ with their pastor-elect, Paul Rees. For those who might be interested in doing a series on Nehemiah, here is how we did it:

Nehemiah – Man of Prayer Peter Grainger Neh 1:1-11 Listen to sermon
Planning Permission Colin Adams Neh 2:1-10 Listen to sermon
Let us rebuild Colin Adams Neh 2:11-20 Listen to sermon
Building together Peter Grainger Neh 3:1-32 Listen to sermon
Battle-ready Colin Adams Neh 4:1-23 Listen to sermon
The enemy within Peter Grainger Neh 5:1-19 Listen to sermon
Distractions and Diversions Rodney Stout Neh 6:1-14 Listen to sermon
The End… and a Beginning Colin Adams Neh 6:15 – 7:73 Listen to sermon
Bring out the book! Colin Adams Neh 7:73 – 8:18 Listen to sermon
Corporate Confession Peter Grainger Neh 9:1-37 Listen to sermon
Time to Commit Colin Adams Neh 9:38 – 10:39 Listen to sermon
The Holy City Peter Grainger Neh 11:1 – 12:26 Listen to sermon
Reason to rejoice Peter Grainger Neh 12:27-47 Listen to sermon
A return to the ruins Colin Adams Neh 13:1-14 Listen to sermon

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