New Ballymoney Baptist Church Website

June 28, 2009


What I wrote to the church:

“It is with great pleasure that I commend the new website of Ballymoney Baptist Church to our members and friends. The website represents, at least in part, the ‘outward face’ of our church, and in our technological age it is a valuable gateway through which people can discover more about our church – and more importantly – about our Saviour.

I trust you will soon realise that the new website has become more of a resource for church members, with the addition of update news, sermons and other resources. I pray that it will soon become a ‘front-page’ that will encourage you in your Christian walk.

Many thanks go to Andrew Wallace and Dave McClean who have put in long hours to produce what is an excellently-finished site.

Happy browsing!

Colin Adams”



  1. You couldn’t be more right about a churches website being the ‘outward face’ of the church. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I have looked up a church for various reasons only to see a very dated site which lacked the essential tools for doing some research into the churches beliefs, leadership, history, preaching podcasts, etc. Balleymoney’s site is thorough, easy to navigate and supplies all the info one needs. Very nice setup.

  2. I haven’t looked at the church site yet, but I wanted you to know I prayed for your first Sunday at the pulpit at Ballymoney. I am sure that God spoke through you as you rightly divided the Word.

    Mark Webb

  3. Hi Colin. I couldn’t get your new web site to come up on my computer. I was trying to email you. If you have time, if you send me an email at the address on this post, I’ll respond.

    If time does not permit, I understand.

  4. Chris,



  5. Colin, I have enjoyed your series in Mark. Keep up the great work!


  6. Hello,

    Can you help me, My Grt Grandmother from Ballymoney on the 1911 census has seven day advent while her brothers and sisters (I am still researching that they are her relatives) and their fmilies are Baptists. Can you tell me would she have gone to this church or elsewhere.

    Thank you for your time.

    Regards, Eileen.

  7. I can’t find your sermon archives and the link to your church website currently doesn’t work. Is the website under construction?

  8. I have recently been trying to look at the website of Ballymoney Baptist church – but there is a ‘data base error.’ As a writer of Evangelical Christian books living in the Republic of Ireland, I would like to contact churches and fellowships in that area about my books, two of which are in Albert McAuley’s Bible Bookshop, 9 Linenhall St., Ballymoney. I should be grateful for any information regarding how to contact the church. Thank you.

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