Logos Bible Software Review

June 10, 2009

My friend Dr James Anderson has given a useful review of the latest in Logos Bible Software. Here is his summary of the Scholar’s Library:

To appreciate its power, imagine that you want to conduct an in-depth study of a passage of Scripture, perhaps as the groundwork for a sermon or an exegetical paper. Luckily, you have a personal assistant in your office to help you with the process. You tell him which passage you want to study, and he immediately searches through all of the books in your office library — lexicons, grammars, commentaries, dictionaries, systematic theologies, sermon illustration collections, devotionals, etc. — and pulls down from the shelves every volume that contains any reference at all to the passage in question. He then lays them all out on your desk, with sticky notes attached to every relevant page in each volume for easy access. Next he locates your favourite Bible translations, opens each one at the right place, and lays them out in parallel alongside the original-language text. To save you time, he annotates each word in the Hebrew or Greek text with its lexical definition and grammatical form. Not satisfied with his work thus far, he then proceeds to draw you some helpful diagrams: a family tree for each person mentioned in the passage; a chart showing how much your chosen translations differ from one another (and at what points); a map of the area where the events in the passage took place; and a colourful graph showing at a glance how frequently the key words in the passage appear in the other books in the Bible. Finally, try to imagine that he does all this for you in a matter of seconds — and without leaving a huge pile of books on your desk that you’ll have to re-shelve at the end of the day. Sound appealing? Well, the Logos Bible Software System is that personal assistant — and more besides.

Read the review in its entirety.


One comment

  1. I love my Logos Scholar library. Highly recommend it.

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