This is How They Learn to Preach In China!

May 27, 2009

“Each student, by the end of the year, has to be ready to preach (without notes) a one-hour sermon on each of the 66 books of the Bible.  This sermon is to include an outline of the content of the book, and contemporary application to the individual, the church and the nation of China.  At the end of the year, 3 books would be selected at random, then the student has five seconds to launch into their message.”

Read about the rest of the course here!



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    • thank you for raising the bar…knowing the culture these new preachers would put us all to share as they accurately handle the precious word of God. These you men would never disgrace the Word by treating it lightly, but with the respect and effort that would honor our Father in Heaven who enabled them to preach His life giving Word.

  2. Perhaps my standards and expectations are too low, but based on my limited experience of training preachers this strikes me as a recipe for 3 bad sermons. The quantity of output is certainly impressive, but at what cost to quality? I’d like to hear more about the rationale behind this curriculum.

    Still, from what I’ve read it seems the Lord is equipping His people in China in amazing ways — dare I say, miraculous ways — far beyond what we witness here in the West. Which is perhaps to say: don’t try this at home, folks!

  3. Scary exam system but sounds like a serious attempt to ground preachers in scripture – the depth of study needed to be able to even start doing this would be quite something. Hard to imagine if many western preachers having that kind of grasp on each Bible book – even with more preparation time…

  4. am pretty sure and i believe that christianity will have its full course in china.

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