Scotland: Preaching Conference

May 21, 2009

“Dear All,

Can I remind and encourage you to book up for this year’s Servants of the Word conference? You’ll remember what a good time we have had together these last few years, and as you know we’re privileged this year to have with us Dick Lucas as well as Richard Coekin and Paul Levy as our main speakers, along with a number of others leading expository workshops.

There’s no-one better than Dick to crack open the word in ways that brings fresh light to us for the expository task. And Richard and Paul both have a great deal to teach us. They are both involved in church networks in london which have been pioneering church planting and ministry training in ways that we in Scotland really do need to learn from. Don’t miss that opportunity. We hope to build on last year’s conference, in terms of developing a growing fellowship of younger ministers committed to expository ministries that build real, living 21st century churches. There will be opportunity to eat together, pray together, and, we trust, share some fun together too. Please, do book up as soon as you can, because we need to plan the groups and so on. You can do that directly here.  Or else phone Ann at the office 0141 333 0152 .

If the cost is the only thing that would bar you from coming, then please don’t let that be so. Get in touch with me directly (wp@thetron.org), and we will sort something out if at all possible. We are all up to our eyes in work, I know (believe me!). To be honest, the thought of finding time for a conference just seems impossible for me personally at the moment. But all the more important to be able to step back and have some time to immerse ourselves in being re-prepared for the core task of our ministries. For that reason, I am determined to be there!

I do hope you will make it a priority too. I need your encouragment and fellowship, and I want to offer you mine. So please do come. Look forward to seeing you in June, I hope. 

 William J U Philip”


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