How To Study The Bible

May 10, 2009

From Capitol Hill Baptist church and its core seminars:

How to Study the Bible

Course Outline

Week 1: Setting the Stage–What is the Bible and how should we approach it?
Week 2: Purpose and Context–What does it all mean?
Week 3: Structure–Understanding the function of form
Week 4: Linking Words–Knowing what therefore is there for
Week 5: Parallels–Seeing truth; observing wisdom
Week 6: Narrator Comments–The value of insider information
Week 7: Vocabulary–Words matter
Week 8: Translations–Words matter … most of the time
Week 9: Tone and Feel–Reading between the lines
Week 10: Repetition–Making the point again and again and again
Week 11: Quotations and Allusions–The value of what others have said and understood
Week 12: Genre–Songs, prophecies, proverbs and other types of writings
Week 13: Copycat–Knowing what to emulate and what to eschew
Week 14: Timelines–Seeing God’s unfolding plan
Week 15: “Who Am I”–Letting the Bible read you
Week 16: “So What?”:–Pulling it all together

All files are in MS Word format

Download all the manuscripts and handouts.



  1. Thanks for this link Colin and praise God for these resources which will bless us & our people in our service of the Lord!!

  2. Good stuff…thanks for sharing.

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