A Workshop On Biblical Exposition

May 4, 2009


Preaching from the Old Testament prophets can be hard. And as a pastor, you might feel alone. The prophets were the great preachers of their day. Yet, they faced similar challenges. And their message needs to be heard. This workshop is for pastors to get together and think carefully about how to preach from the Old Testament, focusing specifically on the prophet Zechariah. (Conference held in Spokane, Washington)

Instruction 1 Approaching Prophetic Literature Barry Webb
Instruction 2 Pastoring in the Pulpit R K. Hughes
Instruction 3 Refresher on the Basic Instructions Paul Rees
Instruction 4 Overview of Zechariah Barry Webb
Instruction 5 Fainting Fits of a Pastor C. Hughes
Instruction 6 Preaching from Zechariah Barry Webb
Exposition 1 Zechariah 1.1-6 Barry Webb
Exposition 2 Zechariah 3.1-10 Barry Webb
Exposition 3 John 21 C. Hughes


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