How High An Estimate of Preaching?

April 21, 2009

Its a question I often ask myself at the beginning of another week of sermon preparation: “how highly do I truly value the importance of the preaching task?” My heart’s answer to that question will undoubtedly be reflected in my earnest effort and prayer in the preparation that follows; or sadly, and alternatively, in the lack of diligence and desire.

James Alexander once said:

“I fear none of us apprehend as we ought to do the value of the preacher’s office. Our young men do not gird themselves for it with the spirit of those who are on the eve of a great conflict; nor do they prepare as those who are to lay hands upon the springs of the mightiest passions, and stir up to their depths the ocean of human feelings. Where this estimate of the work prevails, men even of inferior training accomplish much….The pulpit will still remain the grand means of effecting the mass of men. It is God’s own method, and he will honour it…In every age, great reformers have been preachers.” (James W Alexander, quoted in John Stott, I Believe in Preaching, p 37)

I am challenged, yet inspired.


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