Christian Academics Share Personal Experience

April 21, 2009

This is interesting. A free e-book edited by Steve Hayes and James Anderson: “Love the Lord with Heart and Mind.” It chronicling the answers of Christian intellectuals (including Darrell Bock, John Frame and Douglas Groothuis) to the following questions.

1. Have you been a Christian from childhood?
2. Did you convert to the faith? If so, please describe your
conversion experience.
3. Why do you believe in the existence of God?
4. Why do you believe in the inspiration of the Bible?
5. How do you deal with Bible criticism?
6. How do you deal with scientific objections to the faith?
7. What other challenges to the faith would you like to
comment on?
8. At this stage of your spiritual journey, would you now give
different reasons for your faith than when you began your
9. Looking back over your life as a Christian, how would you
say that your faith has evolved over time? How, if at all, does
your lived-in faith differ from when you were younger?
10. Unbelievers often point to the elusiveness of God. In your
personal experience, including your experience with other
Christians, can you point to any examples of God’s
providential presence?
11. Since you’ve been a Christian, have you undergone a crisis
of faith? If so, how did you work through it?
12. In your observation, why are most unbelievers
13. In your experience, what’s the best way to witness to
14. Christian apologetics tends to settle into certain
stereotypical arguments and formulaic emphases. Do you
think there are some neglected areas in how apologetics is
generally done today?
15. What do Christian parents, pastors, seminary and/or
college professors most need to teach our young people to
prepare them for the walk of faith?
16. What devotional or apologetic reading would you
recommend for further study?


  1. They are big questions!

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